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Generates Poll and Lineup using the provided parameters. Records the race result on the result tab, and updates the scoreboard and election box in the application.

Eases the process of entering votes from the majority of mobile devices. With the application, you can enter the votes directly into the application. There is no need to go through the cumbersome process of manual entry.

Ease the task of voting for your favourite candidates. The application provides a ballot box where you can type in your selection.

It is easy to update the contestants lists, the results and the ballots. The application provides a facility for editing the ballots and inserting new results.

Access the most recent election results, generate new lineups and start another tournament. The application enables you to conduct the same tournament multiple times without any loss of time. The application can store the previous result and analyze it to show the changes you made.

Show only the top winners of the tournament. The application enables you to perform a one-time tournament and the results will be shown only to the top winners.

Save the result to your device’s SD card. The result can be stored and the results will be available for download.);
// Stop the video, if possible
if (captureVideo) {
// Begin the test
captureVideo = CameraRoll;

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Lingua – Multilanguage Real Studio localization program. It makes it possible to create localization files for Real Studio projects. The program is a new idea of making it easy and effective to localize a large number of RBL files.
Lingua Features:
Lingua – multi language localization program for Real Studio 1.0
* It allows you to easily make localization changes to the programs (all functions and properties).
* It supports the latest Real Studio versions.
* The translated text (including macros) will be saved in the separate file (*.rtf).
* It supports Unicode (UTF-8 encoding).
* The program is completely free.
* Lingua does not require access to the source code of the RBL files.
* Lingua is a translator. The text to translate (macros, messages, etc.) is edited by the program.
* Lingua handles complex macros and properties.
* The solution is not very friendly to macros and properties.
* Lingua is a standalone application. You don’t need to have other Microsoft programs to use it.
* Lingua works with Windows 7 and higher versions.
* Lingua can be used in the English version of Real Studio.
* The program is a fully automated system. You don’t need to type anything.
* Lingua makes it possible to add the localization files to a project in the program.
* It supports Windows XP and later.
* Lingua can create localization files for the following Real Studio languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Dutch.
* In most cases, the macros and properties will not be displayed in the RBL file, but in the target language.
* Lingua creates the localization file with the same filename, but with the suffix **.rtf**.
* Lingua creates the localization file in a separate folder.
* You can create a localization file for the project or for each module of the project.
* The entire list of all the existing programs is available at your request.
* The system uses the English language version of Real Studio as a default.
* The localized version of Lingua is available for downloading and for the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, and Japanese.
* The localization files are not saved in the localization folder. They are saved in a separate folder.
* The localized version of Lingua can be downloaded from http